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Forum » General » Guides » How to - take, crop & upload pictures to the forums. (Easy, simple, well explained. For the noobs out there.)
How to - take, crop & upload pictures to the forums.
AlberikDate: Friday, 2011-12-23, 12:04 PM | Message # 1
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Welcome to my first guide!

Step 1

To take your picture, there should be a print-screen button on your keyboard, which looks a little like this:

It should say something like "Print Sreen" or "Prt Scr" or "Prt Scn".

This allows you to copy your screen and when you paste it, the screen should come up.

Now to paste your picture simply search paint and open it up,

Now it's open, we can begin cropping the picture, so it looks bigger and has better quality, and much much neater.

So, go to the top left hand corner of paint and click "paste"

Your copied image in your case your screen should pop up, now you can edit and crop anything you want from it.

Click The "select" option on paint and then drag it around the bit you want (the screen in your client)

After you've done that, and you want to get rid of everything else except the boxed in area, click crop in the top left-hand corner

Now you should only have the bit of text you need,

When your happy with your crop save it!

Step 2 -

Now let's put it on the forums eh?

Simply go to [URL=http://""][/URL]

And click "computer"

Open up your file and upload!

You should have this screen now:

Copy and paste "message board" section onto the forums!

Congratulations, now once you pasted it this should be your final image

Forum & Ingame mod.

Ingame name : Admin.
HonourDate: Friday, 2011-12-23, 2:44 PM | Message # 2
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instead of paste you can also do Ctrl + v
L_U_K_EDate: Friday, 2011-12-23, 6:34 PM | Message # 3
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Nice tutorial i find this very helpful to begginers.

Contact me in-game or through forums for any issues or help needed with the server.
callmesamDate: Monday, 2011-12-26, 5:39 AM | Message # 4
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Yes,indeed this helped me get my siggy,like it? biggrin

Added (2011-12-26, 5:39 AM)
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TylerDate: Saturday, 2012-12-29, 8:07 AM | Message # 5
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I'm sure this will help people who have no idea how to take pictures of their screen.
Forum » General » Guides » How to - take, crop & upload pictures to the forums. (Easy, simple, well explained. For the noobs out there.)
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